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Herald 13/60 valve stem oil seals?


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Simple question - should a Herald 13/60 have valve stem oil seals?


My car burns a little oil on start-up. I have been advised by more than one person that this is due to oil running down the valve guides and can be cured by replacing the valve stem oil seals.


However, my workshop manual says that the Herald engine does not have valve stem oil seals, although it does list "ineffective valve stem oil seals" as a possible cause of excessive oil consumption :unsure: .


Rimmers do not list valve stem oil seals for the Herald engine, but James Paddock do; "for use with single valve springs".


Advice please?

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So is the oil burning on start up likely to be caused by leakage into the cylinders through the valve guides?


And if so what is the solution? Replacing the valve guides?


Yes & Yes.....


Whilst the head is off worth checking it has been converted to unleaded, if not get hardened valve seats fitted (exhaust only).

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Oil is cheap enough, used to have a proper mini years ago which if driven fast would do about fifty miles to the pint. Engine in Vitesse used to do less than two hundred to the pint,not a problem with the mot, rebuilt it now does over a thousand.

What sort of miles to the pint for your Herald?.





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Removal and refitting of the valve guides is probably best left to an experienced machine shop, who have the correct equipment to both replace the guides, and recut the valve seats concentric with the new guides.


If the head hasn't been converted to unleaded, now is the time to do it, as re-cutting the valve seats after valve guide replacement will destroy any "lead memory" that you may be benefiting from at the moment.

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