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Driver side sagging

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The spring is not handed, so it can be swapped around.


Some original springs are marked to imply they are handed, but they are not.


The problem is, that the sagging is probably not caused by the spring, it could be a problem with a stiff/seized trunion bush or other suspension component.

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Thanks for the input Paul, but this car is a bit different!


I recently acquired the Spit and the previous owner has rebuilt the diff and fitted a lowering block. He has done some really good work on the car and I don't believe there is anything wrong with the diff mounting, but I admit I never noticed the lop-sided suspension until I was riding the car home!


What I found interesting, and why I asked the original question, was on an American web site. Our American cousins apparently believe that Spitfires are very prone to driver side sag (maybe American drivers are heavier than we Brits). However, they seem convinced that the only real solution is to replace the leaf spring. It was that which I thought might be a bit drastic if you could try turning the thing round first! I'm going to give it a try. 

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Driver's side sag at the rear is most likely caused by the rear leaf spring loosing it's strength. After all the driver's side is always "fully loaded" during every journey, unlike the passenger side.

This was the case on my GT6 when I first bought it 28 years ago. Changing it for a new one cured the problem. The big advantage you have is that the Spitfire is not 'blessed' with the rotoflex suspension set-up as my GT6 was. So replacement is very straight forward by comparison,

Swapping the spring around will only transfer the sag to the passenger side. This would however comfirm that the culprit is indeed the spring.





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as the lean is on a 1500 i guess this has a swinger in which case the lean is  less likely to be spring dependant as there is only one leaf

clamped to the diff.  the remain float in the pivot box.and will tend towards a  self centre .


jack the car in the middle at the front measure the w arch to deck then same at the back , this will show which end has  the lean.


I would agree its more likely  anti roll or stiff trunion 


to check the arb you only need to discon one end if its bent it will ping out of alignment .



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