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Fitting New Wiring Loom


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I am about to embark on fitting a new wiring loom (main and body) from Rimmer bros, the old loom was taken out years ago so no real reference point (though I have the smaller looms such as gearbox and front lights etc)


I plan to use the various wiring diagrams, the new looms and a dose of common sense.


To that point does anyone have any additional advice for doing this or can you advice if I need any additional wires or connectors than supplied, i.e. earth wires or similar (as I said I have the smaller harnesses for lighting and gearbox etc so should be covered there) and I'm aware I need the various relays and flasher unites etc etc....


Just trying to make this as painless as possible so any advice that can be provided would be very much appreciated



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If, by any chance, you find anything incorrect - wires too long or too short, for example - let the seller know. I found the driver’s door courtesy wire on a Herald loom was about four feet too long, and notified the manufacturer with the correct length. He was very grateful as no-one had done that before, he had sold more than a few with the same dimensions, and no-one had ever told him he was using too much cable...

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