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Another CT forum refugee...

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Sometimes you just have to move on, but it's good to see so many familiar names here. Should have taken the plunge earlier I guess, but didn't fancy the hassle of registering for another forum. Top marks to TSSC for a relatively quick and painless experience on that front!

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You will find plenty of people you already know are active here. 

Some of their user names are the same as the "other place" some are not.

There is even a Scottish Lambrini drinker lurking here somewhere.

No restrictions on posting pictures - well almost, the largest individual photo you can attach is limited to about 500 Mb, but you can post as many as you want.

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Its ashame  were all in this to support the cars and owners

  upgrades are good when they work but when it goes bottom up its disaster

I would think Kieth has thrown his toys out the pram, he was at our  july meeting at the Raven but never got to talk to him

With around 36 members on site its too busy to be inquisitive

Theres certainly some timing and content layout problems  with no apparent improvement

Just had Tim Hunt round to sort his tracking and didnt have the heart to try for a answer about the where to now.


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