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trying to find triumph spitfire 1500 upo291t


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Can you help I am trying to contact the current owner of spitfire UPO291T . I bought it new in 1979 when it was russet brown with a tan interior. first registered in Portsmouth.  Do you own it or know the current owner.


Thank you



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Sorry to 'hijack' this thread but when I bought my first TR6 I had a hell of a job trying to trackdown any history, and the DVLA was less than helpful. So in annoyance, I created a website http://www.wheresmycar.co.uk where people can register and add a history of the cars they've owned. The idea behind it was if people did this then the next owner could search, see what happened to a car they owned, or see the history of a car they own now. 


Obviously this only works if people add the history of cars they've owned, but thinking back to when I got my cars (both the first and the second) I wish someone had done this since knowing the history of a car helps with both the buying process and the 'pleasure factor' of knowing the history of your car and even possibly connecting with the previous owner (optional of course).



Of course it's completely free, your personal information is hidden and encrypted and I just thought it would be nice to help people trace the history of their cars, knowing how much I wished I had had this available when I bought my cars.

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