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unknown problem with triumph 2000


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hi all I have a problem with my mk1 2000,runs fine when cold but when gets hot starts coughing and spluttering and looses all power then eventually stops.

it started doing this on our trip back from the triumph meet at Yarmouth last year.

I fitted all spare parts on way home but none cured the problem.parts fitted new points,rotor arm,dizzy cap,coil ht leads,condenser,in the end came home piggyback on recovery truck.

can anybody throw any light on to what the problem can be as I am totally stumped cheers all .

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thanks for all your replys  had my carbs checked over Friday .had them set up yet again went out for testdrive same probs.

got car back home took off main fuel line and run engine and fouind that not enough fuel being delivered.

suspect new pump I fitted in shot ,do I fit a electric one if so any recommendations or do I refurb old mechical one cheers rene.

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I would fit an original spec pump, we fitted an electric pump to our rally 2000 and it was really difficult to get the flow right, it kept delivering too much fuel. 


I would also run the car until it runs out of power then quickly get out and release fuel cap.  If air rushes in, your breather is blocked.  An easy test which might prevent the need for a new fuel pump, or not!


Good luck


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I have a similar problem with my GT6. As soon as the under bonnet temp gets normal i.e. quite hot! The car starts to miss under acceleration and when pulling away from junctions. After a trip out last Sunday, the car stalled when pulling onto the drive. It would not re-start but I did notice the glass in-line filter was completely empty. The car eventually started up (just as I was about to give up) and the filter was then 3/4 full of fuel on tickover.

This did occur a few times last Summer but the battery was on it's last legs. Now that is replaced I still get rough running and poor starting when hot.

There is a new fuel pump on it's way and I am also thinking of re-routing the fuel line.

Would this also be a symptom of the rubbish fuel Tesco are passing on now. I only use Super Unleaded.

Must say, the car runs beautifully until the engine bay temp goes up.


Would be interested in any comments you may have.


Cheers, Steve.

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Sounds like the carbs are set on the rich side

air in the filter dosnt always make a problem

using a all rubber hose feed does reduce vapour in the feed pipe as it doesnt conduct the heat

check the pump delivers a good spurt of fuel with each stroke and with engine idling should supply about a pint in a minute,


make sure the choke is fully off,

do you have the side mounted temp compensators, these ust be adjusted to , shut, when at normal

temp you cant set the mixture if they are open all the time.

if you have the start vave choke on the front carb , check its discs are not corroded and bypassing fuel

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