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mark powell

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After the long period of unuse of my engine set up, I seem to have a drive problem. It is intermittent.  

The set up is 1500 Spitfire engine driving through a D type overdrive box.

It first showed itself as a lack of drive when I put it into reverse at a local show. After taking it out of gear and then trying again, all was well. Since then I have noticed a slight slippage when giving it a bit of welly. The overdrive does not go cleanly in or out, rather it seems to think about it...  A trip to the shops this morning saw a repeat of the loss of drive when parking but only for a moment. It seems to go back to normal with a bit of a jerk.

  Would a worn cone clutch in the O/D box give these symptoms?  In other words, if the cone clutch gives up, will I lose all drive?

I have got, returning to the garage, my Midge with the identical engine / O/D gear box. So the temptation is to swap it all over if the dodgy box needs a rebuild...


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