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for the hard of hearing

david lewis

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I used to have a mgb gt and found I was leaving the indicators on as I could not hear the relay clicking so I fitted a audible  bleeper  from

andy capy who specialises in mg accessories.

I obtained another kit from him to fit to my 13/60 as I couldn't hear the indicators clicking.

the kit fitted easily even though the instructions are for a 2 pin relay on a mg--just connect the two spade connectors to the two terminals which are not connected to the white wires and bobs your uncle,i already had the gearbox cover off so just fed the wires up under the dash otherwise you would have to feed them through a hole in the bulkhead.

andy capy is on 01582 832305.or see his web site.

well worth doing if you are hard of hearing.

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I knew a fisherman who was hard of herring… :)


However: I’ve been debating doing this for a while, although I’ll see how the new LED bulbs perform in case the improved light is a better warning than before and I don’t need a beeper.

I’ve already purchased beeper bulbs from Around-A-Pound (for £2????) that fit in the reversing light sockets and give an audible warning when reversing, to warn pedestrians. No idea how they sound so far, but they’re sitting on the bench waving to me… tempting me… go on.. 

I also saw, very recently, bulbs for the front fog lamps that emit a sound audible only to animals that will make them get off the road as you approach. 

“What’s that noise?” “No idea, I was watching that Triumph coming towards us…"


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Colin, I would recommend you first try these reversing audible thingees on the bench, I purchased some for my Passat and Spitfire, put them in the Passat and you could not hear them in the car with diesel engine off, let alone hear them outside. I returned them to an address in Ireland and, no bother, money refunded but no comment on my complaint. I think it would be better to spend more than £2ish and be satisfied.

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