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TR7 wiper wheelbox replacement

Colin Lindsay

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Ok you experts out there!

How difficult is it to replace the driver's side wheelbox? Both mine are badly eroded, but can't even get the nut off the passenger side one so will leave it. I'd leave both only I thought I'd ask about replacing mine, and if it's anyway easy I'll try it. It seems to be straightforward access from the engine bay, but is it really that simple?

Is there meant to be a rubber seal too?



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That's superb, many thanks - the bits have arrived from Robsport (along with James Paddock they seem to be able to get bits to me in under 12 hours, which is amazing!)

I'm amazed to find that the wheelboxes are left hand thread, so screw on back to front, but your photo has made it clear as to whether or not I need a washer under the nut, so as they say, worth a thousand words. 

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