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Wheel tuck


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Hi everyone, I'm a newish herald owner and am starting to plan an overhaul of suspension and will need to leave the car on stands for a month or so, while I squeeze the work in around life. I have noticed that when I jack the rear end up there is a lot of wheel tuck. Is this anything for me to be concerned about - can I leave the car indefinitely, with the wheels like this, or do I need to learn a different way of lifting the car off the ground, cheers, ray

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years back when they were a common family car we went to a wedding in ipswich parked up easy  after the do the carpark was jammed with cars as big footy match think it was ipswich and totenham 

 a group  of us  had to bounce a load of cars around  to clear a route  out  .....one being a herald

when we left the car 20yds from where it was parked with the back end miles up in the air , bet the owner was just a bit puzzled 

we escaped to the booze up , never to return. 


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