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Manifold identification

Richard Lambert

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Having recently had my 4-2-1-2 system apart to replace the prop. and taken the opportunity to replace the shackle type exhaust clamps with band type ones I think a 47-51mm clamp with JUST fit on the main pipe joints.  Certainly it's a 43-47mm for the rear box/rear 'Y' joints and guessing the 40-43mm clamps were for the manifold down pipe/front 'Y' joints - which seem to have been welded up on Richard's unit.

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4 hours ago, Mad4classics said:

Might be from SC Parts. Only say this because tubes from cylinders 2&3 go under those from 1&4. Some are opposite in that 2&3 are outside as in picture from Rimmers above, but the SC Parts one matches your configuration.


Triumph Tubular manifold

Hello All

               I have no idea who made it but I have one spare if anybody wants one?(for a reasonable price)

It was only changed because the new inlet runners on the fuel injection fouled the 1 and 4 pipes.

It is a much better one tha the one I fitted(thicker guage tube)so does not get so hot! I have had to lag the new one and it still smells hot!


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