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Winter tips

Pete Lewis

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 Tyre pressures should be a regular check , now the hot weather has departed an  cooler  times approach its very noticable 

That colder tyres will have lower pressures often by over 5 psi less than your last check, so dont assume they are ok , get them inflated 

Most important to save pot hole rim and sidewall damage

Dont forget your screen wash make it 50/50 to clear greasy screens and protect the reservoir and jets  from freezing  up

Check you antifreeze , 33% is the min to aim for maybe 50%  for more protection.

Never   mix pink with blue  

When did you last look at your wiper blade rubbers ???    well worth change then annually


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Re wipers, I have just bought some Bosch SP11 for the spitfire (and also same type for the Toledo, SP13) But they don't have the correct plastic adaptors. Luckily the old ones work with the new wipers, but that is just a heads-up. And how long the old clips will last?

Worth checking lighting too, keep lenses clean etc. and make sure they all work. Likewise the heater!

Tyres, check age. Old hard rubber will be hopeless especially when it gets cold.


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Herts CC gritters are having their first outing of this winter season tonight at 7pm - 8g primary routes and 15g on the A41 heading north from the M25 and A505 west of Hitchin.

Daily (occasionally more often!) updates here: https://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/services/highways-roads-and-pavements/roadworks-and-road-closures/severe-weather/gritting-the-road/gritting-and-salting-routes.aspx


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