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Collectible Standard Triumph Herald item?

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Hi Forum,

Whilst not an enthusiast, I have recently found an interesting item. It`s a 1959 christmas 45rpm record printed on a Squarish piece of card with the Dealer stamp on sleeve wishing christmas compliments. The recording is of the music played at the Albert hall to celebrate the cars launch. Is this something worth keeping hold of are are they fairly common? Cant find on internet, but may just be searching for wrong thing through lack of knowledge.



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I have a collection of Triumph car dealer related material and write regularly about them in my blog http://vitessesteve.blogspot.com/.

I have not seen a 45single branded by a dealer.  The price may depend on which dealer stamped the sleeve as some people collect stuff related to the dealer who originally sold their car.

Can you share a photo of the record showing the dealer stamp?

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