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Another gearbox mystery?


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4 minutes ago, Pete Lewis said:


the only W suffix used by triumph was 1500 FWD engines,   ..doesnt help much

That table does give WH/WM for 1850 Dolomite gearboxes, though not WE. I'd assume the WM is a single rail.

However, the 1850 WSM lists WE for three-rail and WH for single-rail. To add a bit of confusion, WE on the axle number means auto, while on the commission number it means French market!

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1 hour ago, thescrapman said:

it has the bigger mainshaft and possibly the better angles on the gears.

Sadly not.  All 3-rail mainshaft tips are the small ones.  You have to go to the single rail for the bigger tip, which is inconveniently 1" longer - or get the improved aftermarket mainshaft with the big tip and open out the bearing bore in the input shaft.  Possibly correct about the gear helix angles, don't know when that changed.

It's still considered the best of the 3 rail close-ratio boxes, though the only real difference is the J-type OD.


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Just to close the circle on this thread, I decided to change the gearbox now as it had suddenly become very noisy, and so I approached TD Fitchett about a service exchange box. They didn't have this particular item in stock, but said they could rebuild mine in 2/3 days. The box was removed last Thursday and sent via Parcelforce that day, and was received by Fitchett's on Friday morning. I got a telephone call from Tony Fitchett at 2.30 to say he had completed the rebuild and he would return the item the following day - WOW! We received the rebuilt box yesterday afternoon.

TD Fitchett may not have the fancy websites of some other suppliers, but their service can only be described as exemplary.

I have no connection with TD Fitchett except as a very satisfied customer.



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