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Spitfire 1500 Chassis Dimensions

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I'm about to replace the front cross member and bonnet support bracket on my Triumph Spitfire 1500. I have a 1500 manual which gives the various dimensions which I have attached. The ones I am interested in are dimensions 1 to 3 and 46.

My question is, why are there two dimensions in both centimetres and inches from the centre axis to the centre of the components, which one are you supposed to use?

Spitfire Chassis Dimensions.jpg

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I think I will check what the dimensions are before I start taking it apart as well and see how they tie up.

Also, looking at the diagram of the chassis I provided, it doesn’t match up to what I have. If you look at the rear part of the chassis you will notice there are two section poking out but on mine they stop just past the rear cross member.

The book refers to it as a 1500, were there more than one chassis type for the 1500's?

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2 hours ago, Pete Lewis said:

the US  export had the extensions under the boot   not generally used in the UK

Just to expand a little on Pete's explanation...

The rear outriggers on the US chassis were part of the much tougher crash survival regime. If you shunt the rear of a UK 1500 Spitfire at 5mph then the bumper will crease the rear valance and boot floor. On a US car, it bounces.

On the minus side, 40 years on, the outriggers have trapped water and led to terminal chassis rot, whereas the UK car is still mostly OK.

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