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Looking for my old car

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Hi everyone,

Back in July I posted that I was looking for my old TR7 fhc reg no HRP 245Y.

I have since heard that it may have been owned by a Mr Hugh Glossop who is believed to have been a member of the tssc. Anybody any info, would love to own the car again if possible.

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I did indeed own said car, unfortunately it no longer exists, it met an untimely end in France with a front tyre blow out and a ditch, the mechanics were built into another shell, but the engine was very tired with badly worn bores, so was swapped to a 4.6 which i built with various tuning goodies, which made stupid horsepower and blew two quaife lds's in 18 months, I had a major car accident in the everyday car and got my back broken, I then just lost heart and sold it to a chap in the west country, that still exists, afraid I now own 2 v6 mg zs180's I still have the engine block and crankshaft/rods and heads


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after the ditch incident, i made sure the replacement had power steering as im sure id have caught it with 2.3 turn power steering the 4.5 turn manual steering was just to slow acting and heavy to turn quickly (ex international race licence holder), have  to say it transformed the driveablity of the car, highly recommended if you are doing another v8 with the 4.6 i had to use a discovery clutch as the standard sd1 type slipped from new, if you need any info give me a shout

one mg is standard in metallic black, the other is a monagram celestial blue (11 of 28)has been wound up and is well over 200bhp with an 8000rpm redline

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