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My twin carbs were cleaned and reset on my GT6 mk3, since the overhaul the engine cuts out at junctions and is difficult to start, I have to pump the accelerator to restart the engine. Can anyone help me with this.

Will there be specialist at the Warwickshire stoneleigh restoration show that can help.




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Pumping the throttle on CD carbs doent do anything to help

My guess is being a mk3 you have CDSE carbs with top adashpot mixture adjustment and onntheirnsids is a temperature compensator held on with two short screws 

Take these off and screw the small nut to close the plastic valve,  with a allen key adjust the needles so the small delrin washer on the top of the needle profile is level with the base of the air piston.

Keep the idle at around 800 /900  hoping you dont have pancake air filters

Do make sure all fiter and gaskets are not covering any of the filter face ports

Use engine oil in the dash pots



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