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Joint Tssc /Tr Reg National weekend 2019


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Very happy to let you all know next years Tssc National weekend will be held in conjunction with the TR Register at the Stratford upon Avon Racecourse on the weekend of 16th to the 18th August 2019.

This is something that the membership of the Tssc and the Tr Register have wanted for years ,after a lot of hard work it is finally going to happen !

Supporting this event is a must for everyone ,we have so much to celebrate and enjoy next year, it is the 60th anniversary of the launch of the Triumph Herald and the 50th anniversary of the launch of the TR6.

The race course is a ten minute walk from Stratford on the river path enabling people to enjoy both the show and what  the historic town of Stratford has to offer.

The weekend will have a lot to offer everyone with FREE beer on Friday evening ,Auto solos and Concours over the weekend to name just a few.

Pricing will be announced shortly 

Get the date in your diary for what will truly be a fantastic weekend.


Chris Gunby 

Tssc chairman/Gen sec 

for and on behalf of the Tssc council of management 


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There will certainly be lots of cars.

We went to the Lincoln TR weekend 2 years ago (my 50th. A TR trackday on my birthday, complete with a Red Arrows flypast. The wife is still claiming she organised that.)

The actual weekend reminded me of the TSSC Internationals back in the 90's. Lines and lines of cars. Of course, nearly all TR's, but a spattering of others too. A few clubs were there then. I think they even had some sort of dog show.... We didn't stay on site, but it certainly looked a busy weekend with plenty to do. Stratford will suit me even better, and will be good for people who get dragged along but are not really interested in the cars.

I doubt there will be a Friday trackday, but I am hopeful!


But yes, well done to the team who negotiated it. It has taken a loooong time but the players have changed now and it seems we can all get along.

Any chance of a decent Saturday night band?

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38 minutes ago, Colin Lindsay said:

Clive, you've definitely sold it to me now! I was going, before, but now I'm definitely going.

Don't shoot me if you are disappointed. I only said reminds me.

There was an autojumble, but that wasn't huge (and the TR tax seems to apply, but then again everything is expensive now)

Good ice creams too.....

At worst you get some free beer, hopefully some sunshine and if all else fails an ice cream.

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I believe the past Internationals have been graced by pre-arranged bar sessions for  Message Board Users.     Good ideas are worth stealing, but even better, joining in!    How about one where  the TSSCers, the TRRers and the Sidewayzers can all meet?   

I don't know what bars will be available at Stratford -  will the organisers let us know, so that one may be appointed for the Saturday night?


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21 hours ago, AndyTV8 said:

The latest Courier has a little more info

....... Andy 

So little as to be unhelpful.     A waffling 'Editorial' that just plugs the event, and a full page ad that tells no more.

The Racecourse's own website has a section on "Hospitality" but that is about the usual 'fine dining' nonsense, not hospitable bars where the assembled Tribes of Triumph can get together, of a lunchtime or evening.      Anyone know the racecourse, and can recommend one?  I don't belive a racecourse doesn't have bars!


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i Agree not much info. With work and kids to sort out I need plenty of notice to plan my trips. Can’t believe their is no bar ? Or perhaps we are having a mobile one. I’m all kitted out for camping but others might be wanting to book hotels etc  let’s hope info is coming soon but sounds a great event so 👍 for that 

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Yes looks good to me. £32 for the weekend and £5 each day for camping if you book now . It's also very close to the town if anybody has to get supplies. If anybody is looking to stay in a hotel then book early as it's the peak of the tourist season.

Hopefully there should be a bar and maybe a hall for displays.


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