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Which distributor does a 1974 1300 Spitfire have fitted


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Hi All....

One of my distributor cap clips has snapped and I am struggling to get a replacement.

I ordered a set of clips from eBay, which should fit a 45D distributor, however they arrived today and they are too short.

Does anyone know which distributor is fitted to a 1974 1300 spitfire, or where I can get a new set of clips?


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Thanks Steve, that would be much appreciated. I am still waiting for Mick Dolphin to get back to me, so I will let you know. Seems a shame I can't go for a quick blast in the Spitfire, just because of a spring clip! Although I have just received my interior re-trim kit from Owen at Park Lane Classics, so perhaps I should start stripping everything out in any case.


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