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13 60 chassis rebuild

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I'm in the process of repairing my herald and having repaired the body, I needed to work on the chassis as both sides were rotten at front and rear outriggers, so got some new parts and proceeded to chop off the old grot. welded in the two outriggers but they don't line up correctly on the existing centre outrigger so now, having reached the limits of my capabilities, need someone local to Kettering, NN15 5BH to assist/advise me. Don't mind some money changing hands but be gentle with me. PLEASE HELP AS WIFE AND SON KEEP THREATENING ME WITH THE SCRAPPY.

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thanks but I don't have the resources to use Jigsaw as I believe someone told me on my previous forum blog?? as I don't have the ability to take my chassis to there premises for the simple reason that it is on axle stands and couldn't afford for them to collect it from my garage. All I need is for someone to put me right on my previous attempts, and to tell me what is right and what is wrong. I have the necessary drawings and measurements. There must be someone in this area who wants a biccy and a cuppa

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