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Herald Coupe roll cage

Pete Carman

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We have recently purchased a 1961 Herald Coupe for historic rallying and are in the process of sourcing the necessary equipment for preparing the car. We have spoken to a roll cage specialist and they said that it looks as if a custom cage might need to be constructed to fit. They have suggested though that we should try to find out if anyone has had a cage fitted to a similar vehicle previously or currently and we may then be able to obtain details of the main hoop size and configuration. 

So the question is does anyone have any information that might help?

Many thanks


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At least one of the ROP suppliers must have patterns for Herald Coupe as there are a couple about. You could try Canley Classics for info, Dave there has an original rallied Coupe. Though it Maynard date from before the ages of cages.

As a cage has to be made to approved designs as laid out in the Blue Book I am surprised the one you have contacted are asking for layout details,

John Davies will no doubt be along soon, he has a cage in his Vitesse, and will I am sure let you know where it was made.


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Like a bad penny......

Yes, if a bespoke cage is required then why not base it on the criteria in the MSA (now "Motorsport UK" !) Yearbook.   You can read the 2018 issue online, look in Section K.   

I have long advocated a roll-over bar for any convertible Triumph.   For motorsport I'd make that a roll cage, hoops behind you, AND in front inside the windscreen frame, joined by longitudinal tubes.     What is now called a ROPS, Roll Over Protection System.     Apart from the protection, its a space frame that stiffens up the chassis no end!

Any of the established manufacturers should have plans filed away.   Safety Devices do, I think.    OR, I'd recommend Protection & Performance, who make cages for the military and exploration vehicles, and do a pukka job for a reasonable price, IMHO.    Depends on where you live.

Good luck and keeps us informed of your exploits, please!


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Hi Colin, John & Kevin,


Many thanks for your replies,

I did speak to safety devices but they were not very helpful, didn't have details of history of a cage for a herald and at the moment too busy to consider taking order for a bespoke order. That's when (on recommendation from a classic friendly garage) I went to the local firm, does work for Custom Cages.

 I'll make some enquiries with the people you suggest, and have a perusal of the blue book online. 

Cheers Pete


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