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Overhead Throttle Linkage (Prestige)


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Hello All,

This is my first post on this forum, I'm a regular visitor & member of the TR Register Forum. However, despite the wealth of knowledge and wisdom among the TR fraternity I've been unable to solve an issue I have with the Overhead Throttle linkage supplied by Malcolm Jones of Prestige Development Injection.

My car is a 1972 TR6 and the problem I have is with the choke mechanism, I'm convinced it's the incorrect cam wheel fitted as it comes nowhere near to making contact with the spindle. Has anyone got one of these kits and can perhaps provide a pic or two of the choke mechanism for me to draw comparisons?

I'm aware Prestige no longer make these kits, I think it's down to it being not so easy to achieve WOT, that doesn't worry me in the slightest, I'm quite happy with the performance I'm getting.

Thanks in advance for any help or info.



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1 hour ago, JohnD said:

I have one, Richard, didn't know Malcolm was not  making any more!    

But the Pi choke doesn't work via the ovhd linkage.  The wire should go to the Metering unit. 


Thanks John.

I believe Malcolm only makes them to special order now. Anyway, perhaps my terminology is incorrect, two cables, one connected to fuel enrichment lever on MU and the other cable to the linkage whereupon it'll operate the fast idle cam......only on mine the latter is the issue.

If you have time John and can be bothered, could you take a pic of this cam and maybe measure it at it's greatest width? As said above, I'm almost certain the wrong cam wheel is fitted to mine.


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