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Vitesse Sun Visors


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Saloon or Convertible ones?


Convertible ones are like Rocking Horse P**!!,


Saloon ones must also be getting pretty rare now too.


I wanted a set back in 2006 to finish off my Vitesse rebuild but couldn't get any, I've E-Mailed Newton Commercial the Triumph Trim people on numerous occasions about getting a batch made, but have always been told there's no demand? 


You may get lucky and see a pair on E-bay but be prepared to pay a high price :(


or alternatively have a go at fitting alternative ones, I remember somone fitting Dolomite ones without to much trouble on the old TSSC Website.


Good luck!

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I've never stripped one down?


The mirror on the passenger side of my Convertibles visor has worked loose and the vinyl as started to split.


The material inside looks like some sort of expanding foam, presumably with a Hardboard centre to give strength?


You can get new Visors to suit Spitfires but as far as I know you can't get new Herald/Vitesse visors.


E-Bay, the spares section of this site or even the Classic car weekly spares section may come up Trumps!!

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