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ignition timing


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Hi everbody. First time Iv'e posted on forum. Thanks to everyone, it's great.

When I bought my Vitesse Mk1 2 litre 18 months ago I checked the timing statically with a bulb. It was around 7 degrees BTDC as advised for running on modern fuels.

I have just bought a powerspark electronic kit and thought I would check timing statically again and make a note in case of any problems and had to refit points.

The bulb is coming on when points open at what looks around 20 degrees BTDC plug no1 on comp stroke. All I have done since first check, is re-gap points as they were qiute far open.

The car starts and runs well and does'nt pink. I though,t unless I am not checking it correctly and it on normal setting, it would run a lot worse and if it has moved so far. Why?

Any advice much appriciated.



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Sorry, a bit confused! :unsure: Have you got the electronic ignition on yet?  If you've fitted electronic ignition there's no guarantee, and probably quite likely, the dizzy is in the wrong place. When I put mine on the car started but it had to be redone to get it right. If you mean the points are still there and you're just checking it again before fitting the E.I. well, if you've re-gapped the points that will affect the timing but I'm surprised by that much.

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If using a bulb thats fine but always make sure you dont turn the crank anticlockwise as the slack in the chain makes a lot of difference.


on the crank pulley its known to have a loss of bond between the centre and the timming rim, this can

end up rotated and puts tdc in the wrong place.


you must retime the leccy unit as the trigger wheel wont replecate the point position,



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