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Classicline Insurance

Paul H

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Hi Classicline have just joined the panel of insurers with TSSC - I was with Carole Nash though their valuation process was a bit of a hassle as they dont accept TSSC valuation.

The Club Valuation is a great system as you can have a visual inspection and at Duxford last September had my valuation done . I paid £93 with Classicline , unlimited mileage , agreed TSSC valuation , UK & Europe recovery , Salvage rights .  If you go the Classicline route please check your downloaded documents carefully as my experience was there were several errors. HQ are aware of the issues and hopefully shouldnt happen again 


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Hello Paul,

Thanks for flagging this.

I may consider looking elsewhere, as currently with Peter James.

My possible search is as a result of PJ taking approx. FIFTY DAYS to refund £7.51, which was due to cancelling my Alpine cover and replacing with the Daimler. Their initial refund letter stated a max of SIXTY DAYS adding I hope I understand the admin delay !!!! ....................…. Err, no.

I hasten to add it is NOT the amount but the time it took to refund that small change - for me it's a matter of principle, I did not and could not keep PJ waiting 50x days for their premium but as a customer the same rules do not apply obviously - it's hardly as though the interest rates are such that  my minor amount will make them money.

I have the Vitesse on the AIV system with PJ and happy with that, but not their customer care at the moment regarding refunds; oh yes plus the usual £25 admin fee hence a residue of £7.51.

It goes without saying that I want to support TSSC and the opportunities they offer to members, but I believe these companies also need to play their part.



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