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26th All Triumph and Classic at IWM Duxford

Pete Lewis

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Its the   26th  Herts and Beds  All Triumph and Classic show at the Imperial War Museum Duxford  on  Sunday  1st September  ( bit earlier this year)

we will have our usual refreshment gazebo   staffed to provide refreshments to members for a donation and anything we can throw in to liven the day 

admission prices not released by IWM yet  watch this space     DUE TO   IWM   COSTS ITS NOW £16 ADULTS  £10 CHILD UNDER 16

there will be the usual    ' not a raffle'    raffle  we cant have  and some car prizes

Club  insurance valuations available 

Club Shop will be attending so you can save on postage,  on pre orders.

To get in for  a discounted price be in any classic, or if in a modern have a copy of the  advert or the courier  or a car club membership  card 

 Car Club  entry gates open at   9AM  and close promptly at    12pm         (MID DAY) the  museum closes at 6pm  you have full access to every where on the site

sorry  you will not get onto the classic parking  if you arrive after   12pm   and full admission charges  will  apply through the main  public entrance 

post code CB22 4QR    no pre booking  just pay at the gate ....sorry   its cash only 

sorry no dogs or stoves BBQs  etc   Caa regs apply

any questions  contact me  01582 750943


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just to update  

IWM have upped their game and we have no option but pass this on  we are now committed as a local area to fund  a £1500 minimum hire charge for the site for which we get 100 tickets  we add £1 to give us some funding to run the event  so tickets this year will be£16 adults . there are no child discount tickets so we take a hit and reduce this to £10

we have little option or we cancel this event after 26 years of success.

so were hoping the sun shines everyone turns up and we sell 100 tickets to cover our risk  any extra tickets are at the same rate .  there is no  escape 

so add it to your diary and donate to our tea and buns , or we have to walk away from this .

thanks  Pete  ( not a happy bunny)


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there's a plan in place to push this out , to as many as we can  including many of the online events calendars 

the past few years have been around 160 so we should clear the bottom line ok providing it doesnt snow or have a tsunami

can be one of the biggest gathering of triumphs , we do a raffle we cant mention and we take donations for our excellant tea coffee and rolls and cakes 

all against the rules but wasnt me M'lud..

or we couldnt run this show ..cant do it on peanuts   its run and organised and funded  by Herts and Beds with shop and support form HQ


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yes duxford rules this year   impose the car club entry closes at 12

ie just before lunch 

once in it gives full access to everything they offer and closes at 6pm 

on the day you also get 10% off classic wings   DeHaviland Rapide  flights  


not sure what their circuit and bumps flights cost on the day , was a lot less than £99 shown on here 

and apart from aircraft there's the enormous land warfare collection of trenches. tanks , artillery and  army transport 

even getting shot at leaving a landing craft  great fun .



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Thanks Mike , over the years the odd clash has happened ,in the past other big events

(Bus and helicopter shows)  have taken over any date selection but  this year 

Most of september was available so we picked earlier     hence its the 1st

Tea coffee  filled rolls  and apple pie  etc available as usual

High quality not a raffle raffle start  with a trolley jack  and some  nice  bottles

Note we are not allowed to SELL food or have a RAFFLE 

there are ways around this we  take donations and the raffle is a prize giving  ......a play on the rules 

Iwm dont make things easy.

Please book some sunshine ,

 Bern will be doing VALUATIONS  and Martyn runs the  club shop

Pre orders can be collected at Duxford to  save postage if you ask when ordering 


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Now we are close to September 1st

The sites as last year on mostly  grass some tarmac, 

Entry  is via the main public carpark   where the car club entry gates will be open  from 9am to 12pm 

So dont turn up late you wont get in 

The admission  fee   includes the FULL  museum not just the Cars   open till 6pm 

So you know we take £1   to run  this event   and IWM take £15 of the  £16  entrance fee!!!!!

Club shop and valuations are on site ready to help and take your pocket money

We will be providing refreshments for a donation , thats tea coffee rolls and cakes etc

The Not a Raffle Raffle has things like Trolley jack and Drone and Gardening , and some bottles  etc  may be some cars stuff !!!

Car prizes are aimed at much loved not most polished , 

So  Gates open 9am  its CASH only as we dont   own a card reader

Hope to see you there 

Pete and Herts and Beds Team


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