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Herald g/box bell housing oil seal


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Hi , have just taken the gearbox of my 13/60 to reveal a ton of congealed oil on the inner face of the bell housing. Could this be that the scroll oil seal needs replacing, and if so how is it removed from the bell housing as I can not find any info on how to do it. Thanks.

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The scroll seal isn't a seal as such, just a groove on the shaft that encourages oil back into the g'box when the shaft is turning, i.e. whenever you're moving. I believe there's nothing to replace! But oil *can* get past and into the bell housing if you park on a slope nose down - such as a steepish drive. (Wonder how I know that!)


My guess is that this is just 4-1/2 decades of tiny quantities of oil getting past the scroll ... or it's coming from the engine?


Hopefully someone far more knowledgeable than I will be along shortly to shed some light.



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the output cover with the scroll/ or seal is fitted is a simple tap/press fit in the clutch housing , just use a mallet to tap it out rearwards


the scroll is inside the cover, make sure it is cleaned out , if grubby it wont return oil so well.


advantage it cant wear out, disadvantage  it can leak as stated.


if you find a oil seal cover it will be a swop  fit as the shaft is common (  thats out the grey matter)


the lower bolt securing the hsg to the gearcase has a copper washer as this needs sealing the threads which go through the case.



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