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Early Mk1 Gt6 rebuild


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Ive decided to bite the bullet and rebuild my pre 5001 engine number GT6 engine. I was just wondering if anybody has any recommendations of the sourcing of  parts,  pistons etc im wanting good quality item that doesnt break the bankk if you know what i mean.  I only want to do it once and wonder about the quality of the parts of some of the big players. Could anyone give me any wisdom or pointers on the whole engine rebuild thing.Apparently the early engines are different to the later not sure what the differences are but paddocks and rimmers only seem to list parts for the later engines ? Help greatly appreciated. 

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I think the early cars had smaller crank bearings, certainly the centre ones on the crank, while the end ones were large; then Triumph went and made them all the same size, so the later bearings are all the same, but a different size to any of the earlier ones. Consequently you'll need to source four bearings, of two different sizes, none of which fit the later engines. 

If someone here doesn't have the spec, the size you need will be on the side of the old bearings (I don't have any reference data to hand showing the original dimensions) so if you can get a look at those, any good modern bearing company can advise on a suitable replacement.

Pistons are probably all the same, but I'm not sure, given that the crank was strengthened, if the con rods are different.

Start a thread in the restoration section and post plenty of photos; it's always appreciated by those who later on may do the same.

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Have another look at Paddock site as its not very clear but they do stock both engine types bearings (not sure about there being different widths of main bearings used for the same crank though.....). You can tell the difference because unfortunately the earlier bearings are all loads more expensive than the later ones☹️

I take it youve really assessed the state of your engine as, unless its had a catastrophic failure, Im surprised any of these cars have lasted enough miles to need a rebore!

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