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Vitesse Convertible Bulkhead Seam Finishing Strip


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Hi Folks,

Does anyone know if there is a suitable finishing strip available for the seam above the windcsreen on a Vitesse convertible bulkhead? My strip is pretty rotten at the ends and I would prefer to replace it if possible. Otherwise the deaded filler may have to come into play :o




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I had similar trouble on my Convertible Vitesse :(


I managed to get a steel fabricator to fold me a suitable length of steel into a 'V' Section, my Biking buddy mate who welds, then fitted it with suitable tac welds every so often, carefully bending to follow the shape of the Windscreen surround?


A clean up of the welds with the grinder and flap disc, then seam sealer/primer and it was ready for paint and a looking lot better :)





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If you do go for recycling one off a dead convertible, be aware that these were brazed on in production, so it is fairly easy to melt the braze away with an oxy torch and salvage the capping. When transferring to your own car, remember that braze and weld don't mix, so either braze it on, or lose every last trace of braze from it before welding it in place or you will have some interesting fizzy fireworks going on!


Steve C

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