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For Those With MGF Seats


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A few years back I swapped my original Vitesse seats for a pair of leather MGF units - I have to say, on a personal basis, it is a conversion most worthwhile. 

The car also has inertia seat belts.

One little issue, if you can call it that, is that the seat belts usually end up behind the seat (when not being used) and can be a faff to pull them through if you are already seated in the car or they end up getting caught in the door sometimes.

Some MGF car owners use a machined alloy or plastic seat belt guide; due to experiencing the same situation as mentioned above. Prices range all over the shop depending on the material, supplier or both - the plastic ones in the attached photo are from Moss and are about £35 or so for a pair.

Whilst scanning the Net for an answer to this problem I stumbled upon somebody who has made seat belt guides for his MGF vehicle, purely using a leather belt from a charity shop !!

I have done exactly the same and thought I'd post this on the Forum as it may be of use / interest. 

The belt cost me £2.50 - bargain !!

Having got rid of the buckle and tapered part first; the belt is then cut in to 2x 25cm lengths, one length for each seat.

2x 10mm holes are drilled 25mm away from the belt cut edge - the MGF headrest posts are about 9.6mm, so 10mm is ideal.

My particular belt measured a 30mm width.

It is then just a simple job of looping the restraining strap around the seat belt and passing the headrest post through the pre-drilled hole in the leather belt.

With the retaining strap in place, the inertia seat belt is prevented from slipping behind the seat or getting caught in the door etc and most importantly is in the "ready position" to pulled through by the driver and / or passenger when already seated.

The loop can be made flatter by compressing the bend of the belt overnight using a clamp - this I have done, but after the photos were taken.



Moss Units.jpg




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