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"respray and polish"


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I mentioned recently that at the last AGM it was announced Tom Hartley was going to tidy up the web site, specifically the front page which is cluttered and confusing. However, the CoM were careful to point out that the forum would remain unchanged.

I Just got my March Courier, in the Comment section there's a piece by Tom regarding the web site and forum. Much praise for the forum, but Tom now says the forum "could do with making it feel part of the TSSC web offering" I'm not sure what that means and I'm anxious that changes are going to be made without consultation.

All credit to Tom for taking on the task, which includes putting back issues of the Courier on line. however Tom is not a regular contributor on here and l really think there should be some consultation with regular users before he implements changes. What we don't want is a Club Triumph web site  "upgade".


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