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Insurance (For a modern)


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Arguably this should be in the Jokes thread, but its not funny!

My insurance on my BMW is due next month, so I have had the renewal through - I've gone through A Plan for years and have been pretty competitive - not always the cheapest, but close enough.

Until this year. 

My current insurers premium has gone up to over £1200 - and the best they could come up with on the whole market was LV at over £930.

Once, I'd got up off the floor I did a Meerkat search - and the best I got was £550 (It actually came up to £580 once I'd added legal on and increased the annual mileage to 25k) 

With - LV.. 🙄

Went back to my broker to make sure they hadn't got something added on that I don't have - and the excess is actually more!  So I've gone direct to LV - and get discounts on cinema tickets and other stuff! 

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