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locked spax shock absorber

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I've had Spax on my spitfire for probably 20 years and i've just removed the fronts for a suspension overhaul. The shocks still look like new , but I've removed the springs and one of the shocks has locked out in the fully extended position . Any ideas I have twiddled the adjusters before i noticed it was stuck. Hope someone can help .Thanks

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Had an email from Spax suggesting there had been a sticking issue in the past and they wanted serial numbers. suggesting I try harder to compress it .

Well I gave it to a friend of a friend who builds shocks and he got it working . basically as Spax suggested. He tried them on a dyno and said they are ok

and in good condition, having previously groaned when told they were Spax. Also suggests it was just sticktion and to put a bit of grease on the damper rod.

although I was told what type, but remember having some bike forks built and they put silicone grease under the seals. So hopefully all is well

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