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13/60 emulsified rocker cover


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Hi, the car has not run properly for 2 years due to restoration I've just taken the rocker box cover off to find thick emulsified gunk, is this due to breather problems or more serious head gasket?

took some photos.


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17 minutes ago, NonMember said:

When you say it's "not run properly for 2 years", do you mean it's not run at all? been started but wasn't happy? or been started a few times but not allowed to warm up?

If the last of those, that's why it's full of mayo.

Yes not had a proper run just moved in and out of the garage, I'll give it a clean out probably would benefit with flushing out filter and oil before running it properly.


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As above, I would clean that out, probably drop the oil and put some very cheap oil in, and run it up to see what happens. I would expect it to be condensation type problems, and an extended period of running to sort it out. If the problem persists, and water is disappearing, it may be HGF but from what you have said, I think not.

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Mayo  is moisture in  the oil and surrounding areas condenses on the cool rocker cover 

its quite normal  especially if lots of short running    ( poor oil quality doesnt help )

old idea would be to remove the fan to reduce cool air flow over the cover even fit a simple baffle in front of the cover can help

 or  lag the cover to insulate it from the cool air flow ,

 alloy covers take on more latent heat from the block and you get less mayo with these

A good clean up and some long runs will solve much of this 

a change of oil to some fresh would be advisable if you dont know how long the current stuff has been in


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This often happened to people who drive only a short distance to work (say). The engine does not get a good enough Workout!. Take it for A good Thrash, once a week at least, that sorts the Gunge out!. Engines that do low mileages actually need more TLC, than those used regularly and hard!. IMV.


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