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GAZ rear shocks

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What are the current thoughts/opinions on GAZ GDA 4011 rear shocks for a Vitesse 6?

I see a bit of bagging going on regarding them from a few years back but were they as bad as people said and if so have they improved since?





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I purchased GAZ shockers from the club shop as part of the conversion from side arm to vertical shocks on my Vitesse Mk2 . Had them 2 years now and no issues . Mine have a dial at the base for adjusting the spring - I started at position 5 of 10 , this was too hard and settled at 2 


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Easy to adjust but keep the back of the knob filled with grease as if filled with  road  dirt you   wont turn it the liitle ball and detent sping go solid

Tend to Hate adjustables if you  have changing vehilce loading you need to mess with the settings  everlasting too hard  too soft 

They cost so much bravardo says they wonderful  .   Unfortunate the std  offering is also poor.,  but £  per mile needs careful thought.

Easy to  set up  if you happen to have a  chassis  dyno   handy.



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