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New member with Vitesse 6

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Hello to you all, I am a new member having joined a few weeks ago. I have made several posts on the Forum already as I have been sorting out one or two minor issues.

I live in Sudbury, Suffolk and bought my 1966 Vitesse 6 a few weeks ago. I have just been out and taken  some pics which I will try to add. I can't take any credit for the condition of the car as all the restoration work was done by the previous owner who owned the car for the last 8 years, before that it was laid up and unused from 1987.

I have just fitted new discs and pads and clutch master cylinder. The car is pretty much as it came out of the factory, except at the moment I have after market air cleaners on it, but will probably refit the original when I have finally sorted out the carbs.






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Its just a couple of plastic pipes that go from the inlet connections on the standard airbox to a bracket on the RH side of the rad so that the air drawn in is cooler than that in the engine bay. This is particularly helpful when moving slowly when high intake air temperature can cause poor running.....

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no   fully floating .....the tube between the top and lower is just a support 

flared the ends with a heat gun and big socket , . joints just used plastic pipe  adhesive 

this idea ups the dia a little and has no spiral wire to upset the turbulence ,  

based on cheap and every little helps 


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