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GT6 rear brake backplate - bracket for flexi


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Morning all,

I have my GT6 up on axle stands at the moment as I continue with the recommissioning work.

Ives stripped the rear brakes as the wheel cylinders were seized and I want to clean up and paint the backplates and replace flexi's. 

On the rear offside drum I noticed that the bracket which should support the flexi / rigid brake line joint had become detached. Someone in the past has bodged it and apparently welded the emails of the bracket to the shoe retaining pin, hence this was all that was holding the bracket on.

Id guess it's not uncommon for these brackets to snap off backplates. My first thoughts are to make a new bracket then rivet or bolt through the backplate ensuring no conflict with the brake shoes assembly etc.

Has anyone else had this issue and any other suggestions to fix?

Thanks in advance!

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Normally it is a small L-shaped bracket spot welded to the backplate with a hole for the return spring to hook into. And the hole wears through, so a washer is welded on to restore the hole.

I have not seen the hose one come off, probably needs welding to avoid interfering with brake shoes

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