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Crankshaft balancing


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Hi all.   Way back in the 80's I fitted a brand new crank into my GT6.  I was rebuilding the engine at the time and a local BL dealer was selling NOS cheap.

Now I'm rebuilding the engine again.  I'm wondering if I should have had the new crank balanced or is this completely unnecessary?  Incidentally, the engine was in quite a mess including wear on the crank when taken apart this last time.

Thanks for any advice.




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No such thing as a crank "supplied already balanced".  It will be statically balanced, by adjusting the counter weights built in, but dynamic balance, when bolted up to the flywheel, clutch cover, front pulley, is a different story.    Ideally, this balance that can only be done on a special.rig, should be followed by equalizing the  conrod and piston weights, which can be done at home.


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