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13/60 Chassis repairs

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Help. A few weeks ago I asked for help in restoring my Herald chassis but it seems to have disappeared from the forum. I am still looking for someone to give me guidance in this task. Basically, the outriggers need replacing but I just don't have the confidence to continue on my own. Any Northants members out there able to guide me PLEASE. Lots of tea/coffee available to the right people.


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Your original posting is still there - http://forum.tssc.org.uk/index.php?/topic/422-13-60-chassis-rebuild/


Have you tried going along to your local area meeting and asking for help there - http://www.tssc.org.uk/tssc/areas_final.asp?area_ID=18&area=Midland, Northants


Otherwise it is using one of the Triumph specialists in the midlands.

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