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Did russet brown spitfires with biscuit ints have black carpets

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I have recently bought the spitfire 1500 i bought new in 1979 from wadham stringer in fareham hants!. I have a question i wonder if anyone can answer?  it was russet brown ad the biscuit hounds tooth  interior but i seem to remember the that the carpets might have been black with maybe the shelf behind the seats being biscuit. Does anyone know what triumph fitted a the factory. The car is currently red and looks good so i doubt i will change it back to russet brown.  THANK YOU



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Chris, well done you for buying your Spit for the second time!

I don't know about Russet cars, but my old Pageant blue 1981 Spit (built in '79) had biscuit (do you mean tan?) seats and panels, and black carpets. Does that help?

Cheers, Richard

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