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seat belt extenders


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I am trying to fit a child seat into my Herald 13/60. It has inertia belts that I think I brought from the TSSC (it was  along time ago) and has MX5 seats fitted.
When I tried to fit the child seat the belts were not long enough to fit around the child seat. I brought some generic seat belt extenders from Ebay  but they have a different fitting from the ones in my car....
Anyone else done this and does anyone know if you can get seat belt extenders for the TSSC seat belts?
BTW I am assuming these seat belt extenders are safe, I cant see any problems as they have a normal socket and tongue...

The granddaughter is very keen to have a go in the Herald!



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I've no experience of those, Mike, so no idea if they're safe or not - assuming they have the relevant safety markings I'd reckon they're probably fit for purpose, but what ends do you require for the TSSC belts? I found dozens on-line but if I know the type you require I can narrow the search.

For a more long-term or specially-made solution try Quickfit SBS - link below; I use them for any Classic seatbelts whether replacements, repairs, or alterations and they're great.


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