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Spitfire 1500 headlight cowls. Z

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Hello again. A large gap has developed on the top of the headlight cowls. I have tried everthing to close the gep but no joy. Three questions

1/ is the correct a rubber seal a special thin one to fit under the cowl,

2/ should the headlight bowl be screwed to the bonnets to stop the headlight bowl flying out when you undo the fixing screws of the cowl.

3/ any tips ?



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I'm slightly puzzled by your question 2...

The headlamp is held in place in the bowl, which is fixed (srewed or rivetted) to the bonnet. The cowl is purely cosmetic. You should be able to unbolt the cowl and drive around without it, and the headlamp should stay firmly in place. In fact, the top of the cowl is held in place by the bowl; the bolts only hold the bottom.

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i agree  the bowl is fixed to the bonnet + a gasket  with pop rivets or setscrews if preferred 

the chrome ? rim holds the lamp unit to the bowl,  just three screws.


the cowl sits over the top as trim and has the setscrew and nut either  side to hold it in place it doesnt hold or locate the lamp unit in any way

someones bodged a lamp refit



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originally the bowls wold be pop riveted to the bonnet , you can use  whatever you like, that fits the holes in the bonnet and bowl nobody see's them but they need to be fixed 

there are a multiude of bowls and lamp unit designs that have evolved over the years 

the later had  springs  which pulls the lamp unit into the bowl so its hooked onto the lamp and into a location on the bowl , 


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