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Interesting Vitesse rocker problem


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A Picture is hard to take, and a bit hard to explain..Never-the-less..  Getting ready to start the Vitesse for the first time in 22 years and noticed when the engine was turned over by hand that number 4 push-rod would repeatedly  'fall out' from under the rocker ball.

And that was with all the valve clearances set. I removed rocker gear as I assumed something might have fallen down the follower and was pushing the rod to one side, nothing there, and then noticed as I screwed the gear back down that the push rod pulled the rocker and shaft spring away from the pedestal by about 3/4 ml and the push rod was hard up against the 'chamber' side, Took the rocker gear off again and found that particular push rod was bright and shiny all around at that point and worn to a slight taper! The cause is that chamber has a large dag of casting metal near the top that hasn't been ground off the side! The intriguing thing is that, as it is the original engine, then it must have been like that for the last 49 years. A few minutes with a die grinder should fix it.

Has this been seen before?




Chris, Tasmania


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i had the same but the  block casting protrusion machined the oil pump drive spindle to a neat taper , it wore it nearly in half.,

began t think some joker had machined it to make a shear point or something daft .you would have thought it was machined in a lathe .

didnt realise what was wrong as  we  couldnt align the new oil pump,

makes you wonder how they originally fitted the oil pump 

yes die grinder and lots of dust.




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Bring an old post to life.

My deceased Mk1 2.5 PI Estate would loose number 6 cylinder on occasion and no matter how I adjusted the valves it was always a bit tappety.
On investigation the adjuster screw had a balled foot out to one side  that would dislocate the pushrod. Replace the screw and all was good.
Engine was the correct one for the car but i have no idea what work was done it before I bought it.

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