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Spitfire body, doors, roof and bonnet on eBay, incorrect listing 99p for all

Colin Lindsay

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This one is listed as a Herald bodyshell, but it's actually a late Spitfire - bodytub, bonnet bootlid roof and doors, all currently for 99p in Bishopstoke, Hants. It looks amazingly solid and at least some of the parts have to be of use to someone here; I know some members have been looking for these bits in the recent past and I doubt if you'll get any cheaper. No connection to me whatsoever!

Note that this is not one of those scam listings ie "Triumph Herald spark Plug £100... phone me for other parts" sort of thing; the auction appears to be for all the body parts in one go.

No bids yet, auction ending on Sunday 2nd at 11pm. 

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I doubt very much if it's a fake. Even if it is, you've lost 99p.

Have you checked the poster's eBay history? He's bought a lot of classic stuff in the past year.

In any case, he has now ended the listing himself. Pity, someone would have had a real bargain.

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