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Front lower wishbone brackets

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I guess that this is just an engineer-thing but, I like to (re) build my GT6 with maintenance in mind so, I want the front/lower wishbone bolts to be easily removed and not hit the front turrets on removal. I would need handed brackets for this but only one part number is shown for these brackets. Does anybody known different? 

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The brackets have a feature which stops the bolt from turning when installed (and when tightening, along with a wrench of course.) The rear brackets look symmetrical so this feature can be placed either way but, you can’t do that with the asymmetrical front bracket. I want to insert the bolts towards the turret and have the nuts on the inside (of the wishbone). 


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Strangley thats the way your  canley parts list shows them

You could  grind the tabs off  to make them 'universal'

I think you will find  the rear brackets must be fitted offset down  and fronts  with  offset up  you cant reverse the fit or geometry

will be   Realy upset


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