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Resto of vitesse convertible


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Hi All,

I have just created an album in the Gallery which shows some of the work that has been done up to date.

The restoration started mid Nov 14 and the car was a non runner. The photo in the Album is of a car that looks like

what my car looked like before she was sent away. She is a mk1 2ltr and the original colour was Damson which is what

I intend for her to go back to.

As you will see every bit of rot has been replaced with new metal only the rear wings where bought in all other panels where

hand made, we went this root so a better grade of metal could be used and there would be less issues of bad fitting as they

where made to the right size in the first place.

You will notice the extra metal plates on the chassis, some cowboy had tried to restore the car before and when putting the car back together must of realised nothing would fit right, the remedy was to raise the centre of the car so the doors would align properly.

They then went to work with the filler which in places was 10mm thick.

All the welding is now done so chassis is off to the sand blasters then will be repinted and built back up using new parts where needed,

other wise clean and paint existing parts. Engine will be stripped down and rebiult as required.

Let me know what you think. 


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Thanks for the comments, Had a chat with the very skilled man ( stewart ) who is doing the restoration for me ( this skill of fabrication is well

beyond my skill set ) and to date there has been over 200 hrs of work. This has and still is one massive project and I have to be grateful that

he is a friend other wise the budget would have been blown out of the water. Will upload more pics as they happen.

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