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Drive Shaft UJ on Herald

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Can any one assist.  Changing UJ on Herald drive shaft. Fitted the new one from the Club shop; plenty of swearing and the normal fun!.  When mounted on the car with the  suspension hanging the hub wont rotate fully.  The "flange" on the spier that accepts the grease nibble seems to foul on the yoke.  Is there a right or wrong way around?  Mine is on the Diff side.  With the suspension back under load the car rolls fine but worried it might foul if passing over a larger hump in the road!



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yes you need to reverse it , 

the thick part where the greaser goes should be outboard

does it have the greaser fitted???

if its fouling you normally remove the greaser and fit a blanking grub screw,,   

there used to be a label on the shop shelve to remind dont forget the grub screw 



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Hi Pete


thanks I thought that might be the case! B*****r!  I have taken out the grease nipple and fitted the blanking plug they supplied.  Perhaps they could add a lable to say fit it that was around; the good old Haynes bible has no clues in it.


Many thanks

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Strange one this! I have just rebuilt both sides of my Spitfire MkIII and in both cases fitted GKN 18050 UJs. I had to change the UJ so that the grease nipple aperture was on the inside, towards the differential as otherwise it would not 'tilt back' on 1 quarter. All is now OK and working properly.


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