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Ignition Light on


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Spitfire OD seems to be sorted, although had a distinct lack of power this morning which seems to have cured itself - fingers crossed. So just to keep me busy the TR6 has thrown a wobbly after the wife drove it to a show today. I put it in the garage and with the key out the ignition light was on. Turn the ignition on and the light goes off (oil light came on as expected). Any ideas o great forum people?

Thanks as always. 

PS finally persuaded the gearbox filler plug to come out yesterday in the TR.  Access is limited to get any tools on the plug once it is rounded so I used one of the Erbauer rounded nut socket sets from  Screwfix and the 12mm one worked a treat, still needed an extension bar to remove it though). 

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Yes a diode has failed , passes current the wrong way and puts the light on when should be off , you can get a regulator

pack and fit it ,

a bodge is to test the diodes with a meter or small battery and bulb and snip the centre wire to the offending diode

Reduces max output but solves the warning light

Ive ,  seen this  when visiting a problem   reconditioner,    nice box  though..



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