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Puma powered spitfire - shiny body?

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Slow, didn't realise how slow this process was, bit of filler then sand, again and again. Alot goes on but alot comes off. The waiting time for shrink back as well. Got to this stage last night.


Still alot of sanding and filler to get the correct shape.

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2 hours ago, JohnD said:

Use a flappy disc for the early stages to speed up sanding.   But wear a respirator mask!


Cheers john, been using 40 grade with a flat block, only just gone to 120. Having to keep the noise down as my son is on night shift. 


A friend asked why i was covering the scoop, i said thats why, its a power bulge not a scoop!

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  • Mathew changed the title to Puma powered spitfire - shiny power bulge bonnet
  • Mathew changed the title to Puma powered spitfire - shiny body?

You appear to have captured some kind of ghost or malevolent spirit in your paintwork...who you gonna call??........

But seriously, it is looking really good (he says after doing sweet F A on his own car for 12 months!!)

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With the paint dry to the touch but not cured i removed the masking.20210820_181305.thumb.jpg.d3d3af5851edc8be4d30055e2eecdc83.jpg







Just got to put it all together tomorrow,  would be nice to do before the rain comes but i don't think it will be that quick.


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Bit of a late one. Just the badges and stainless trim to fit.  Yes i should have put it on before fitting the glass but im not taking it out again! The rubber windscreen surround from baines fits like a glove .  Going to have to buy another for the yellow one now! Fitted with sealent. I have raised the front suspention 10mm, don't want the wheels to rub on the newly done bonnet. 







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7 hours ago, andybeau said:

Fancy painting a Herald sometime next year(hopefully), just asking 😉

Looks very nice

Painting skills are getting better with practice . There are a couple of mistakes in this but due to bits i did before in the prep rather than the painting! The drivers door will probably redo at some point as when taking the masking tape off i peeled a pit of paint by the handle and had to touch in. The same door i could have flat sanded a bit more where i had the run as at a certain angle and light you can make it out! But apart from that im pretty pleased with it. 

Anybody want a bit of painting a deal could be arranged. As i have found i quite enjoy it and it would be a shame for my new 200 pound spray gun go to waist. 

This is getting close to the end of the puma spitfire project. Only some minor trim items to do, maybe a change of dash clocks as though i have sorted the stop start of the rev counter the speedo although working and recording milage on the trip meter seems to have lost where the total mileage is, yes can't find it, it sequences through trip a, trip b and hours , then to trip a again! So this may have to go before the next MOT. 

Whats next, thinking of making a new centre handbrake cover with storage! Maybe a cup holder in it. And the big one, a  hard top. Something with removable top section that can store in the boot but keep the rear section in . Anyone got one i can make a mould from to get me started. Thinking more mk3 type rear end. In the meantime i shall be continuing rebuilding the yellow spitfire, which i still need to find some seats.

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Given up for now trying to fit the crome trim to the screen for now. 3 hours to only get one side 2/3 rds round only for the bottom corner to pop out as i did the top! Fitted the badges hope the rain stops so i can take for a little drive .


Some subtle changes to hint whats under.


And to remind the younger generation that we did make cars



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2 hours ago, Badwolf said:

I would love to see some go-faster jockey have a pop at you in the Puma Mathew. May have a shock.

Funny but an Aston followed me but kept well back today! Even though he followed when i overtook some traffic. My brother has a fast car, he said its usally people in standard cars that want to race at the lights, those with a fast car just give a wave.

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Oh well. As a youff I always fancied building a stool pigeon. You know the sort of thing. Cosworth underwear, moggie minor over coat.  I was young, foolish with dreams in those day. Now...just dreams...even the technicolour ones have faded. Sad isn't it.

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On the way home some big audi's were giving it some. One in front and one behind. The one in front tried to get away but gave up, the one that was on my bumper going through the bends got left behind on the strait! Never driven that road before.  I bet he wondered what car i had! Literally on my bumper in the 30 area and round the twisty bits. Bit of open road, i opened it up and they were lagging behind, only court up at the next town.

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I'm going to have a gentle session on refinishing the paintwork today . For some reason I'm shattered from my holiday. Could be all the driving and walking 10k to 15k steps every day and probably 50 miles drive every day not inc the travel to the isle of white , then to deven then back to norfolk!

So a bit of a relax in the garage, music, comfortable rolling seat. Plenty of tea. And to rub away the orange peel from the clear coat and polish up. Nice and relaxed. I will post up live as i progress so if i f##k up you will see and hopefully you won't make the same mistakes i make. 

So check in through out the day to see if its better or I've totally cock'ed it up!

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