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Hi from Bucks

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Hi all,

I’m here to start the mammoth research project in restoring a car. Considering taking my Dad’s 68 Vitesse Mk 2 convertible on. I actually drove it when I was 18 shortly before it was garaged. I’m now 48.

Although a mk2 I know it’s got a MK1, engine and gearbox, plus a spare MK1 engine as well!  Biggest known issue (apart from 30 years stood on blocks) is a whining diff.

Starting the long list of what ‘needs’ to be done and the extras too like upgrades to ignition, rear suspension and cv joints.

Fairly handy in the garage but looking at a mix of diy and professional. First question to throw out there is what do you reckon I need to budget, firstly to get it back on the road and secondly to make it good. Body is sound, hood and frame knackered.

i look forward to asking loads of daft questions so please be patient.


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Welcome to the forum, and to the wacky world of classic cars.

As to the budget - more than it will ever be worth but less than some people spend on golf clubs (apparently). I know my Mk1 Vitesse CV cost the previous owner but one something in the order of £13000 to restore... in 1990! Mind you, that was a total basket case that the professional restorer he used advised was "not worth the effort". And the job he did was good enough that it's still on the road now, despite several years being driven as daily transport.

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There used to be a guide of think of a budget and double it   think up a time scale and treble it .

Or was it the other way round ???

Most mechanicals are diy do able, nothing wrong with the mk1 engine and the gearboxes  are rhe same the mk 2 has a  better  head.

Cv shafts are much better if any work is req on the rear, can be expensive mod, but decent rotorflex  couplings are also pricey and 

the set up is not an easy job to work on.

Only  Ep90  oil the front trunions  no grease

And after all the years apart from checking the brakes  do change the brake hoses 

Ask away when you're under way


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Welcome to the forum.

I would do the basics to get the car up and running first as it gives an earlier sense of achievement.  After that I would look at any up-grades.

People on this forum are always helpful and normally have a practical approach to resolving any problems.

A highly sort after (18 months back book) restorer was charging £10,000 for a basket case re-build of a Vitesse in 2004. Must be double that now. Do as much as you can yourself.


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Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Great advice - particularly around just getting basics done and back on the road. The upgrades can be nice winter jobs over the coming years. 

Anyone have any experience of JY Classics in Great Missenden?


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